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How Your Income Affects SSI Benefits

For many older Americans living with a disability and who have a limited income, Supplemental Security Income (SSI) is an important resource. Unlike Social Security disability benefits, approval for this type of benefit is determined based on income rather than on work history. To be eligible, applicants must have limited income and resources and be […]

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Common Social Security Disability Myths

Thinking that Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) will replace your full income if you can no longer work is not accurate. It could, however, replace part of the income you made when working. While it is true that SSDI can help people who are disabled, the process is often complex and made more confusing by […]

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How the SSA Determines if You are Disabled

The Social Security Administration (SSA) uses a five-step process to evaluate applications for Social Security Disability benefits (SSD) in order determine which applicants meet the administrations strict standards for disability benefits. If you have been denied the disability benefits you need, contact one of our trusted Social Security Disability attorneys in Phoenix for a free […]

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Social Security Disability has Helped Millions

Last month, the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) program celebrated its 60th anniversary. It is momentous since SSDI helps some of the most disabled Americans. Not only does Social Security give support to workers who are insured, it also assists workers families. In 1956, Congress created the SSDI program and said yes to federal benefits […]

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Can I Apply For Both Early Retirement And Disability Benefits At The Same Time?

If you have a mental or physical disability that prevents you from working and are between 62 to 65 years of age, you could qualify for Social Security Disability (SSD). You may also apply for early Social Security retirement benefits. Visit the Social Security website to find out what your full retirement age is. A […]

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Organization is Key When Applying for SSDI Benefits

When applying for disability help, you will be working with a great deal of information. You will have your personal documents that need to be submitted, forms that need to be filled out, and deadlines which must be met.    If your application for Social Security Disability benefits was denied, our disability benefits lawyers in Phoenix can […]

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5 Things the SSA Wants to Know About Your Disability

Once you apply for disability benefits, certain criteria will be evaluated to determine if you qualify as disabled. According to the Social Security Administration, a disability is defined as a physical or mental medical condition that causes you not to be able to work for at least one year, or which will result in your […]

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My Illness is not on the SSA List of Impairments Can I Still Get Benefits?

If you have applied for Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits, you may be familiar with the Social Security Administrations (SSA) list of impairments, also known as the blue book, which is a comprehensive list of conditions that the SSA uses as a guideline of disabilities that may qualify for benefits. But what if your condition […]

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Disability Benefits Exam: What to Expect

Sometimes the Social Security Administration (SSA) will request a consultative exam after you have submitted your disability benefits claim. This is a common request if the administration feels that there isn't quite enough medical information to prove the debilitating qualities of your disability. If you have been denied disability benefits, our qualified team of Phoenix […]

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5 Things to Know Before Applying for Disability Benefits

According to the Council for Disability Awareness, 64 percent of working Americans believe that they have at most a two percent chance of becoming disabled for more than three months at some point during their career. Unfortunately, that number is not realistic. The odds that a 20-year-old will become disabled before retirement are one in […]

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